Utah- You’re on Our Radar

I know what you are thinking, because it is probably very similar to what I was thinking when my friend stated that on the road trip we need to go to Utah. What, Utah?? What’s in Utah? I was in for a treat I must say it was breathtaking. The views where picturesque, that for it seems like hours I just sat in amazment! Along our road trip across Arizona, Nevada, and Utah we stop along the way to Amangiri Resort. When I tell you that this place is beyond exceed expectations I MEAN IT! The staff was amazing and they put in place many procedures to ensure that efforts were made to protect the guest from COVID. Upon entering the resort all guest temperatures are taken and a brief survey about COVID interactions/symptoms where reviewed. Traveling during a pandemic can cause a lot of worry. Being at Amangiri Resort put me at ease as I saw them implemented policies and strategies to protect their guest. Social distancing, around the clock cleaning, and precaution surveys where all in place every step of the way. At Amangiri, activities can be endless because right outside your room is the ability to hike on guide tours, zip lining, and a pool that you can lay by for hours that seems like minutes. Every angle from the room is like a Picasso mural that’s bigger than life itself. As I divided into dinner I realized that this was not only a luxury experience that left me in awe but, that the food was amazing & fulfilling. I opted in to getting the salmon with a nice red wine & it was phenomenal. To be honest, overall this is one of the best resorts I have stayed. The serenity of the resort, amazing scenery, and VIP experience made me feel as though I was the only person that mattered in the entire resort. Now, while I may have slept on Utah, you please don’t. There are so many hidden gems just driving through the valleys. While in Utah there are a few places that are must sees but I will chose my top three outside of staying at Amangiri! Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, & Arches National Park . Most of these parks are pretty driveable, so a novice hiker should be able to adventure off in less than 30 minutes to get some great pictures. If you are feeling more adventurous or you are a little more experienced with hiking; check out the waterfalls that are hidden in between the canyons of Moab, Utah for a nice cool down & treat! So overall, Utah you were great to me! I will definitely be visiting you again and I take all the jokes I made about there being nothing to do in Utah. Utah is the perfect #covidtravel destination. Enjoy social distance, enjoy open air activities, avoid the crowds, & explore the hidden beauties of Utah with a case of water in the car because hunty….IT GETS HOTTT!!

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